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How to Order Customized Military Coins

Challenge coins or more popularly known as military coins have been present for decades. First used during World War 1 to recognize the service and membership of soldiers and military personnel, it is now used by other organizations and even business companies to bear the emblem and insignia of the organization.

military coinsMilitary coins are used as medallions or awards. It is used to acknowledge the achievements and accomplishments of a member of a certain organization. Some military coins bear the symbol of the Navy Cross or Medal of Honor.

Military coins can be customized. It can be made from different materials such as metal, copper, brass, nickel, silver or gold. Some challenge coins are also designed to have an antique or polished finished. Some have diamond edges, engravings, 3D designs and cut outs. It all depends on what the customer wants for the challenge coins.

When ordering customized challenge coins, the first step is coming up with the design. The customer can decide the color and finish of the coin. Will it have an engraved emblem or an embossed symbol? Challenge coins also come in different shapes such as round coins, square coins, star shaped, dog tags or polygon shape.

After that, other details such as the size and type of metal to be used are included in the design plan. Even minor details such as cut out shapes and colors of the engravings are also considered.

In some cases, the customers make the design sketch themselves. Some customers on the other hand, prefer to have the design made by the graphic artist where they will order the challenge coins. But no matter the case, once the design sketch is finished, it is transferred to the coin makers to prepare for the molding and stamping.

The design is transformed into a stamp or engraver. This will be used to transfer the design to the coin. Afterwards, the coin is created by melting the metal material and pouring it to the molds of the required size and shape.

While the coin is still soft and cooling, the design is stamped or engraved into place. Other details such as the color are added by painting the coin manually. Then, it is cleaned and polished. The challenge coins are sent over to quality control to double check if there are any damages or problems in the coins. If none is found, the challenge coins are packed and delivered to the customer.

However, even if the customized challenge coins are made with great care and high quality materials, proper care and maintenance is needed to preserve the coins’ quality.When wearing or using the challenge coins, make sure to avoid contact with water. Water and other liquids could damage the coins by making it prone to discoloration and rusting; this is especially the case in metal challenge coins.

Cleaning the challenge coins depend on the type of material used to make it. Challenge coins made from gold, silver, brass, nickel, copper and metal are cleaned using different materials and methods.

For instance, brass coins can only be cleaned using jewelry polishing cloth or polishing cream. Silver and gold coins can be cleaned using silver or gold polishers. But for all types of challenge coins, it is important to use a soft polishing cloth to remove the dirt. Be gentle in rubbing and cleaning the coins. Avoid using brushes when cleaning the coins to avoid scratching the coin’s surface.

Customized challenge coins are very affordable and durable. As long as it is properly taken care of, people from different age groups can enjoy it for generations and years to come.

Choosing a lanyard to buy

When deciding to purchase lanyards, you need to keep in mind that there are many options available. Most people and companies use them for identification purposes, while others simply use them to hold their belongings such as mobile phones, keys, glasses, and many others. Its usage, in fact, dates back to the 15th century wherein the French military first used them for securing their weapons and tools.

lanyardsIn any case, it is really a matter of finding creative means to use them based on your personal or organizational preference. To help you decide, this guide will introduce you to all the basics you need to know.

What are you going to using it for?

Before anything else, you need to ask yourself what you’ll use it for. Is it for an international conference that you are organizing, which involves hundreds of people? With this handful of people, you definitely need to sort out your staff, volunteers, and the participants. Is it for personal use, such as for securing your things? Regardless of your plans on how to use these cords, remember that different types can be used in specific events or situations.

For instance, if you want to produce several ones for an international conference, it is best to order the thick ones because these allow more space for the text and logos. This way, they are more visible to the participants of the event, and are also stylish and eye-catching.

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to use them for, it’s now time to check out the different types and what materials they are made of. Depending on your personal preference, you may choose whichever style best suits you, the-lanyard-factory.com produce only the highest quality, professional-looking customized lanyards for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world.

Different types

Various materials are used to produce these products. To enumerate, here are the common ones produced and the advantages they could provide:


They are affordable, and considered to be the most popular type produced together with cotton. Polyester offers a crisper and cleaner imprint on the fabric. When you have a logo with an intricate design, it is best to use polyester.


As affordable and popular as polyester, cotton is also durable and soft. It is important to understand the differences between polyester and cotton first to choose the best option.

Flat polyester

This material is produced from plastic that has been broken down into a soft, durable and comfortable material. According to the Lanyards USA Knowledge Base, 95% of all lanyards are usually made of polyester.

Recycled (PET)

Made of recycled plastics, these materials are ideal for those who are environmentally conscious. Even though they are made of recycled materials, they are comfortable to wear and soft when touched.


For those who want a rugged and tough look, it’d be best to consider nylon. The fabric is thick and good for printing detailed text and logos. Medical companies usually prefer nylon because it does not cause static electricity. Nylon can also be disinfected by washing it with alcohol.


Ideally for companies that want to establish a“big brand” image, duoflex stands out because of its stunning design. These are also commonly used for promotional items given in big company events. The colors and designs of duoflex can also be customized.

Reflective materials

When it comes to night time gatherings, reflective materials are very useful because they glow in the dark. They are ideal if you need help with safety or low visibility. The fabric can be woven with reflective stripes, or the whole lanyards can be coated with reflective materials.

There are various styles to choose from, and it is up to you to decide which lanyards best suit your needs. The aforementioned are only the most common ones produced.

Tips for the Businessman Seeking Dubai Hotel Apartments

Among the newer cities of the world, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is probably the fastest-growing in terms of the business environment being so dynamic. There is something new to see every day and new opportunities to grab on to if you’re a business person looking for your most promising deals. The number of visitors to the city also is growing immensely – mostly business people who stay for a few days to finish deals, and those who chose to make this city their primary area of operations.

Because of this, looking for the right place to stay can be troublesome. But not if you plan ahead and if you have actually started getting in touch with contacts who are there to help when you need it.

hotel apartmentsIf you are a frequent visitor, the best thing to do is look for Dubai hotel apartments that will not only provide you the comfort you are looking for, but also keep you close to the locations where you need to be to conduct your business. These types of accommodations are less expensive than the bigger established hotels in the city. Just right for the budget-conscious businessman.

Before you decide whether to find Dubai hotel apartments or just call your usual hotel and have them reserve you a room, take note that the length of your stay matters a lot in your decision. If you plan to stay just for a day for that important initial meet-up with your client, it might be better to book a hotel room in a location that’s convenient for you and your client. But if it’s going to be a longer trip, plan ahead and go for Dubai hotel apartments.

Hotel apartments are called that precisely because they offer the advantages of a regular hotel, plus the added convenience of freedom of choice, space, and the comforts closely resembling home. You’ll find that they’re usually larger than the usual hotel room size, and in most cases, there’s a kitchen in there if you want to cook your meals or microwave something from the convenience store. If you have time to do that in spite of your busy schedule.

hotel room

Dubai hotel apartments are not hard to come by, as long as it’s not the peak travel season. Summer is the best time to visit, so try scheduling your business trips around that time – that’s about May to August or September. You’ll find prices about 50% off the peak season price when you go there about that time. But if you really have to come during the winter months, like November to April, it would be advisable to book early.

The good thing about accommodations in Dubai is that there are plenty of choices. You can do an online search, just type Dubai hotel apartments, and it would come back and give a long list of places precisely with that description. The only thing you need to do is compare the amenities and prices, and that sometimes depend on a lot of other things like the location or how old has the place been existing. Newer places tend to be more expensive, especially if they happen to be close to Dubai Marina – that part of the city that’s still in development but is expected to rise soon as among the most expensive places in the Middle East.

Hotel apartments do have 24 hours front desk service, so don’t worry about having to get back late at night and not having anyone available to do room service for you. Also, most of these places are staffed by English-speaking employees, so language would not be a problem at all.